Beauty Plan for Brides Before Wedding Day

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What is the most important thing on your wedding day? It must be you, the bride, must be the most beautiful lady in the world. However, you could not rely entirely on the makeup artist to become beautiful. If you do not have a good foundation, no matter how good the makeup artist is, there will still be some flaws. Thus, beauty plans become important to make sure that you will have a good skin condition on your wedding day. Here is the beauty plan for brides before wedding day and you should start the plan at least three months in advance.

Quit Sugar

It is more crucial to stop eating sugar than spicy food. This is due to the fact that eating too much sugar will weaken skin collagen, which will diminish the skin’s capacity to heal itself, speed up the ageing process, and increase the likelihood of acne. Obviously, this is a more serious problem than eating spicy food. Hence, do not eat sweets, milk, cakes, milk tea and others.

A glass of lemonade

Drinking a glass of lemonade each night can speed whitening and the metabolism of melanin. Take note that because lemonade is a photosensitive food, do not drink it during the day, otherwise you will get tanned.

Balanced diet

Eat meals on a regular schedule and in moderation, most importantly, avoid dieting. Besides that, reduce your intake of spicy, greasy, and other irritable foods such as fatty pork, pig’s feet, fried hot pot, and others. Additionally, while remaining light, you must ensure balanced nutrition.

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Eight glasses of water

Drink eight glasses of water or 2000 ml of water each day. In addition, sip water in a small amount each time you drink water so that the water would go throughout your body. Avoid drinking excessive amounts, nevertheless, as this may cause rapid excretion.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Taking more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C will help your body acquire the extra nutrients it needs to minimise melanin and create more complex and also brighter skin. For instance, oranges, blueberry hearts, bananas, strawberries; spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots.

Foot bath

Soaking feet is good for health because it can speed up blood circulation and help in excrete sweat, as well as increase metabolism.

Go to bed early

In order to get beautiful skin, try to get to bed by 23:00 if possible because staying up late will lead the body to accumulate melanin, resulting in dark and yellow complexion.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is inevitably the beauty plan for brides before wedding day because it not only could help to lighten the skin but also can slow the ageing process of the skin. Hence, do not forget to use sunscreen especially when taking outdoor pre-wedding photos or travelling.

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Use face mask regularly

Applying a mask can help the skin absorb nutrients quickly, moisturise the face, and relieve tired skin. Furthermore, it could help to make the makeup at the wedding look more delicate and subdued.

Apply body lotion

To make the skin smoother, fairer, and more tender and to ensure that you are the most beautiful bride on your wedding day, you can begin applying body lotion three months or even half a year before the wedding day.

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