Top 10 Interesting & Special Bridal Hand Bouquet

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Idea for your wedding. Flowers are symbols that are so synonymous with women, not to mention when talking about marriage. From the engagement preparations, to the wedding day and beyond, of course the role of matching bridal hand bouquet is one of the most important elements.

Interestingly, this time, we would like to share tips for choosing bridal hand bouquet for future brides out there that fit not only according to the wedding theme but also match their personalities.

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The various types of flowers and colors must be paired correctly because they can highlight the bridal look in addition to being a personal symbol that will be remembered forever.

For brides especially for those who are creative and want a personal touch by changing their own or DIY their bridal hand bouquet, the first step to do is to identify the types of flowers available in the market.

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This is important to avoid choosing types of flowers that have negative elements such as Marigold, Oleander and Yellow Hyacinth flowers. Here, we share a few types of flowers that are popular and often chosen by brides as hand flowers to decorate their happy day.

1. Rose Hand Bouquet

rose hand bouquet
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Who is not familiar with the appearance of this ‘favorite’ flower. Roses, or better known as roses, consist of colors such as red, pink and white. It is often chosen as bridal hand bouquet because roses are a symbol of true love and one of the ways for the bride and groom to express romantic symbols and love in their wedding ceremony.

2. Lily

lily hand bouquet
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For this type of flower, the white lily color is the main choice in the bride’s hand flower arrangement.

This is because the selection of lily flowers apart from spreading a really fragrant scent, the white color of the lily flower is also a symbol of loyalty and purity.

3. Orchid

orchid hand bouquet
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Orchids are among the flowers that symbolize luxury and elegance in accordance with their relatively expensive price.

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This is because orchids require careful care and require more attention than other flowers. If the bride chooses an orchid to be immortalized as a bridal hand bouquet, of course it can highlight the magnificence of the sophisticated and unique features of the ceremony.

4. Hydrangea

hydrangea hand bouquet
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Normally, hydrangea flowers are widely used as throne decorations. But, the selection of hydrangea flowers is also very popular as bridal hand bouquet nowadays.

The flowers which are delicate, small in size and placed close to each other are able to highlight the cheerful personality of the bride but at the same time still maintain the characteristics of modesty as a person who has the title of wife. In addition, the selection of hydrangea is also a symbol of friendship that eventually turns into love that the bride and groom want to express in the wedding ceremony.

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5. Tulip

tulip hand bouquet
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The selection of tulips is one of the bride’s ways to express happiness in addition to being a symbol of humility towards the couple who accepts her as a wife. In addition, this unique tulip flower is a symbol of loyalty and a couple’s promise to together enter the realm of marriage that will be built.

6. Calla Lily

calla lily hand bouquet
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This calla lily flower looks very beautiful when styled especially at weddings that have a concept in a garden or an English wedding. Calla Lily is a symbol of loyalty and purity. Hand flowers using these flowers are able to showcase the elegance and natural beauty of the bride.

7. Baby Breath

baby breath hand bouquet
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The popularity of this flower is increasing among brides and grooms because of the nature of the flower which looks simple but has its own meaning and uniqueness. The delicate and small flowers depict the sincerity and sincerity of the bride’s heart at the time of the marriage ceremony. Simple but sweet!

8. Daisy

daisy hand bouquet
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Daisy flower as sweet as its name is so popular among flower arrangers and brides.

Daisies, especially those that are white and dark red, are often paired together to form beautiful hand flower arrangements. In addition, the message that is trying to be conveyed through the daisy flower arrangement is a symbol of honesty and unwavering loyalty that the couple promises.

9. Peony

peony hand bouquet
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The peony flower has its own history that is often associated with Chinese culture. Peonies are said to be able to create a positive aura and increase the intimacy between the bride and groom.

10. Lily Of The Valley

lily hand bouquet
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This type of flower is quite different because of its small and delicate nature in addition to forming as if like a bell. This flower is really unique to make a hand flower because it looks cute and sweet.

Brides who make this flower the main choice to be styled at their wedding will definitely want to highlight the charm of simplicity and purity.

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