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First Date Red Flags That You Should Aware

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On the first date, you’re getting a first-hand look at how a person interacts with others, so, probably observe them. To decide whether to continue the relationship or not, let’s take a look at what are the first date red flags that you should be aware of.

Rude to others

If the person is rude in treating the people around them such as scolding the waiters due to wrong order, you should understand that you might receive the end of that conduct soon. Thus, this are one of the serious first date red flags that you should aware of.


Do not concern about your safety

Considering the dating place, is the place safe? For instance,do the person choose to date in a bar or a restaurant? What is the time to end up dating? Is the person going to fetch you back? If the person is not mature enough to understand your desire to feel physically protected, you should consider your relationship again.

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Criticises their exes

You should run if the person spends the majority of your first date criticising their exes, even calling them “Devil” or other insulting nicknames. This is because the person might be a narcissist.

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Frequently check their phone or answer calls.

Only if there is an emergency, if the person is regularly checking their phone or making calls during your date, it demonstrates that they are not considering your feelings. Furthermore, you may find it difficult for that person to be fully present if you decide to go further.

First Date Red Flags That You Should Aware
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Talking about themselves the whole time

If your date talks by only focusing on themselves and not engaging in conversation with you or giving you a chance to tell them more about yourself, it shows that your presence or absence does not matter. Consequently, you should consider twice before going further because it will be challenging in developing an emotional bond or feeling close to someone.

Do not respect your boundaries

You could try to express a preference for something that they disagree with and see how they respond. Do they respect your boundaries or do they disregard them without concern about how you might feel? If they are not concerned about your feelings, you might feel uncomfortable in this relationship.

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