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Tips For Choosing Flower Girl

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In a wedding ceremony, the flower girl plays a crucial and symbolic function. Hence, it is always challenging for a future bride to select a flower girl. The selection becomes even more difficult when there are more than one young girl in the couple’s inner circle. To make your selection easy, here we give some tips for choosing flower girl so that you can make your decision quickly.

The age

The best age of the flower girl would be 5 to 7 years old. This is because if the child is too young, it will be difficult for them to understand the tasks that are assigned to them. As a result, it will be particularly prone to mistakes. Furthermore, the flower girl that is too small may need some wedding staff to take care of it all the time. On the other hand, if the child is too big, the height will be too high as well which would not meet the cute characteristics of the flower girls

Tips For Choosing Flower Girl
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The personality

It does not matter whether the children are cute, but you should choose a flower girl who is more lively and generous. This is because it is a big occasion, and the inner child is prone to stage fright or run away, which will affect the progress of the wedding. However, if it is too lively, it will be not good as well because it is hard to control the scene. Therefore, you need to find a sensible and lively kid.

The number

Other tips for choosing flower girl included the number of the flower girls. The flower girls are best in even numbers, two, four or six. If you can have six children, you can play four and two as substitutes as the child is unpredictable. However, if you really could not find that many flower girls, one flower girl will do.

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The gender

It is best to have a boy and a girl, but it can also be two girls, there is no hard and fast rule. Similarly, the number must be even which means that the boy and girl must be in pair. Next, the girl must love to laugh whereas the boy must be chubby. This is because although some little girls are very cute, if they do not smile, they will be very embarrassed at the wedding. On the other hand, a fat boy who has a round face would be the best and the cutest.

Tips For Choosing Flower Girl
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Choose among inner circle

The ideal situation is when you already have a close relationship with your flower girl. Consequently, the flower girl will feel at ease in your presence. She might feel less anxious on the big day because of this familiarity. Therefore, when choosing flower girls, family should come first. Either the bride’s or the groom’s side of the family could have a flower girl. Besides that, you can also consider the children of your close friends if there are no young family members or none who are suitable for the position.

Talk with the child

It is better that the bride and the flower girl are already friends so that the bride can know whether the girl is interested in the role. No matter if they are already friends, the bride should first ask the willingness of the child and if they agree, talk with the child to be closer as well as let them know what they should do on the wedding day. Similarly, the more familiarity among the brides with the child, the less nervous and anxiety would be for the child.

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