What to do when your girlfriend is on period?

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Most of the men do not know what they should do when their girlfriends are on their period. This is because women will always have mood swings and even feel uncomfortable during their period. Here are some ideas that you can do when your girlfriend is on period to make her feel better.

Buy sanitary pads

The first thing about what to do when your girlfriend is on period is help her to prepare the sanitary pads. Understand the brand and size of the sanitary pads that your girlfriend prefers or anything she uses, such as menstruation cups or tampons, then buy it for her. In addition, you must purchase it for her before the period time without her request or asking.

Preparing food

Being bloated and losing blood can be very draining, but it can exhaust a woman’s energy to the point that she cannot cook. Thus, making her favourite foods and keeping her hydrated are two of the best things you can do for her. Women who are on their periods may experience strange cravings. Ask her what she wants, then get it for her. As a result, she will be deeply comforted.

What to do when your girlfriend is on period?
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Be as patient as you can

Be understanding of how she is experiencing. She will return to her normal self in a few days. Simply remember that you are the one she is venting to since you are her own and she feels completely at home with you when those never-ending word fights break out. For those days of the month, gather all your patience, and if you can, try to be particularly kind.

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Don’t act disgusted

Even if you are uncomfortable with it at first, show her that you are not repulsed by the mere concept of her monthly cycle. Do not make expressions or tell her to talk to her friends if she tries to talk to you about it. She will think that you don’t care about her if you do this.

Help her with things

Help her if she has any small tasks or trips to run. By cleaning the dishes or bringing her stuff down to the laundry, you can help to relieve some of her tension. This will allow her to relax and take some of the pressure off her shoulders since women have several duties such as managing a job, a family, pets, and other responsibilities also experience periods.

Let her feel loved

If she is agitated and snappy due to the mood swings, don’t be overbearing with her. You should express your gratitude to her for being a part of your life by telling her how wonderful a friend, partner, or girlfriend she is.

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Watch a movie together

Period cramps are terribly unpleasant. Therefore, you should spend some time together to help her forget about the discomfort. For instance, watching her favourite movie while eating some popcorn.

What to do when your girlfriend is on period?
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