These 5 Location Of Wedding Are Often Choices

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photo credit: Uqasha Senrose
photo credit: Uqasha Senrose

In addition to fashion, dais, decoration and food, the location of wedding is the most important thing that every bride and groom should pay attention to in order to realise their dream wedding ceremony.

This is because, there are councils that rely only on empty dates to allow them to use the hall and so on. Therefore, before setting the date, it is important to determine in advance where the ceremony will be held according to the concept that has been set.


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As we already know, many choose to hold their ceremony at the family home. This is because it is easier and saves on wedding costs. The family residence is one of the popular locations chosen by brides, but it should be noted that there are guidelines that you need to follow. Among them are the activities and programs that will be held.

The average ceremony held at home is quite fond of having a karaoke session at night before the ceremony or the night of the ceremony. It should be noted that you live next door. You must inform and ask for permission in advance before conducting the activity. Don’t be so selfish that you forget your neighbours’ privacy and disturb their rest.

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Some choose to have the ceremony in the hall because it is more spacious and comfortable.

In addition, it makes it easier for guests to attend due to the more strategic location of the hall and has a wider parking space.

For the bride and groom, you should focus on the arrangement of the table and so on. Make sure you carefully plan the setup and make sure everything goes as planned.

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For those who have a bigger budget, they are more likely to do the ceremony in a hotel. One of the answers often given by the bride and groom as to why they choose a hotel is to look luxurious and everything is prepared by the hotel.

In addition, the hotel’s comfortable and air-conditioned rooms are the reason why this location was chosen.

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However, there are constraints as well, where the invited guests are limited and they have a certain theme.

Here, the bride-to-be should shortlist the guests who are actually on your invitation list. This is because the hotel hall cannot accommodate the large number of guests.


Now, many couples choose to have a wedding ceremony in the garden. With the “Garden Wedding” theme, the ceremony will usually be held in the afternoon to get a breeze.

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photo credit: Christen Jones

This concept shows a more relaxed and open style. But usually, the invitation consists only of the immediate family.

If the location of this park is your choice, it should be noted that the weather conditions are unpredictable.

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Research in advance the season or the weather on the wedding date that has been set. Talk with your partner about the risks you may face and what your plans are to deal with future risks.


Usually, the location of a mosque or surau is often used as a location for wedding events. It is very rare that we see a bride and groom having a wedding ceremony in this holy place.

photo credit: Syukri Yahya

Although it’s easy, because you can work together to prepare for the happy day, the bride and groom should be sensitive to the surrounding conditions.

This is because there are many things that must be taken care of and taken care of when in the house of Allah SWT.

For example, such as aurat, socializing, events and also hygiene. Also make sure that your program does not interfere with prayer time and other pilgrims who come to worship.

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