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Tag: Wedding Planner

Top 10 Makeup Artis Popular di Selangor

Khas kepada bakal pengantin wanita! Semasa hari perkahwinan anda berlangsung,

By Alis Hanna 3 Min Read

Top 10 Best Chinese Wedding Catering in Selangor 2023

Everyone has their preference in choosing food. Therefore, choosing catering

By May 6 Min Read

Top 5 Best Chinese Wedding Planner in Kuala Lumpur

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful.

By Susane 5 Min Read

These 5 Location Of Wedding Are Often Choices

In addition to fashion, dais, decoration and food, the location

By NanaIzzaty 5 Min Read

Dais Concepts: Top 6 ‘Stunning’

Your wedding ceremony must not be complete without the presence

By NanaIzzaty 9 Min Read

Malaysia Top Dai Kam Jie (Bride Chaperone) (大妗姐/大妗哥)

Bride Chaperone (大妗姐/大妗哥) is to guide the wedding couple through

By Susane 26 Min Read

Top 10 Location Wedding Venue In Selangor

Too many choices of wedding halls can also make the

By NanaIzzaty 6 Min Read