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Tips in preparing gifts to your couple’s parents for the first meet up

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When you first meet your girl’s or boyfriend’s parents, bring something with you to show your manners and respect for elders. In addition, bringing a thoughtful, special and suitable present will increase your chances of making a perfect first impression. Let’s take a look at the tips in preparing gifts to your couple’s parents for the first meet up.

Factors to take into consideration

Basically, you should understand your couple’s parents’ conditions well.

1. Cultural Customs

Fruit baskets seem like a safe present to give when meeting the parents. A pear shouldn’t be included in a basket of presents for Chinese parents. In Chinese, the term “pear” implies ‘goodbye’ or ‘break up’. Hence, you must learn the cultural traditions of your couple’s family before choosing the present.

2. Health Concerns

Understand about your partner’s parents health conditions such as any food allergy and illness. For instance, if the parent has diabetes, it is not suitable for you to give honey as a present.

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3. Emotion Concerns

Instead of being disrespectful, you want your present to be polite and suitable. Take note that you should keep socks and undergarments with suggestive humour out of the choice. Furthermore, you do not want to overdo it with an extravagant present. This is because making a good impression is preferable to leaving a bad one.

Suggestions for present

We will give some ideas about what present you could consider in preparing gifts to your couple’s parents.

1. Special local product

The special products that are from your home country or region are always well received, especially if they are the kind of presents that are difficult to find. For instance, chocolate, candy and perfume.

2. Health Supplements

For those families who are concerned about health issues, health supplements such as vitamins would be a great choice.

Source: Tokopedia

3. Fruit baskets

If you have no idea about what to give, a fruit basket would be your choice because it is the common present that would not go wrong.

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Preparing gifts to couple's parents
Source: SO-EN Florist

4. Home Supplies

To make sure that the present is practical, you could select home supplies that might be needed by them such as disinfecting wipes, pillows, and cutlery.

Source: Ubuy Malaysia

5. Homemade Goodies

If you are good at baking, a handmade dessert or cookies could demonstrate your thoughtfulness and sincerity which then will leave a lasting impression on them.

Preparing gifts to couple's parents
Source: Taste of Home

6. Coffee/Tea/Wine

Beverage is another would not go wrong present but must based on the preference of your couple’s parents.

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