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100 must do list as couples

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No idea what to do during the date? Here is a 100 must do list as couples in which we list out the 100 things that you could do with your couple in order to enhance your relationship.

1. Watch a movie together in cinema

2. Shopping together in couple shirts

3. Go to Disneyland together

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4. Swimming together

5. Sing a song together and record it

6. Cook a meal together in the kitchen

7. Have a candlelight dinner together ️

8. Celebrate birthday together

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9. Clean up together

10. Write letters to each other and then read them to each other

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11. Go to a haunted house together

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12. Playing bungee jump together

13. Have a pet together

14. Learn about the shade of lipstick together

15. Help each other makeup

16. Put nail polish on each other

17. Do pottery together

18. Work out together

19. Encourage each other to get rid of a bad habit

20. Stay up all night together for New Year’s Eve

100 must-do list as couples
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21. Travel together

22. Hiking together

23. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel together

24. Record video about daily life when with each other

25. Brush each other’s teeth

26. Go to the beach and enjoy the sea view

27. Wear each other’s clothes and take pictures

28. Go to the supermarket together to buy food

29. Take a hot air balloon ride together

30. Read books together and share your favourite books

100 must-do list as couples
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31. Watching dramas together on a rainy day

32. Make a cake or dessert together

33. Watch the sunrise and sunset together

34. Go to work get off work together

35. Drawing together

36. Playing guitar together

37. Playing skateboard together

38. Playing video games together

39. Take a flight together

40. Planting together

41. Use a couple phone case together

42. Visit the aquarium together

43. Get drunk once together

44. Play poker together

45. Dry each other’s hair after bath

46. ​​Fix appliances together

47. Watching fireworks together

48. Eat steamboat together

49. Celebrate anniversary together

50. Save money together

51. 51. Watch the snow together and make a snowman

52. Change hairstyles and cut hair

53. Having dinner with friends together

54. Dance together

55. Listening to the same song together

56. Take a boat ride together

57. Go for camping together and live in a tent ️

58. DIY something together

59. Prepare gifts for each other

60. Visit each other’s primary school, secondary school and university

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61. Lying on the sofa together

62. Sleep late together, and stay in bed ️together

63. Secretly buy things for him or her that they desire but reluctant to

64. Exchange roles for a day

65. Take a bus together and get off at places you haven’t been to

66. Give each other’s ideas for decorating home

67. Prepare a romantic confession

68. Watch a horror movie together at midnight

69. Prepare a lunchbox for each other

70. Watch a football or basketball match together

100 must-do list as couples
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71. Pick out a bunch of flowers together

72. Be a stranger for a day, no contact at all

73. Witness other’s wedding together

74. Give each other a massage

75. Fly a kite together

76. Let’s talk about each other’s shortcomings together

77. Let’s play trampoline together

78. Meet up with each other’s best friends together

79. Ear piercing together

80. Cut nails together

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81. Watch the cherry blossoms together

82. Use face mask together

83. Try for self driving tour once

84. Visit the zoo together

85. Biking together

86. Take photos together, then develop photos and paste them in the room

87. Go to a concert together

88. Recording about what you want to say to the him or her

89. Take a photograph together

90. Go to a bar together

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91. Go to the temple and pray together

92. Play a Truth or Dare Together

93. Go to the wishing pool and make a wish together

94. Stay in a five-star hotel together and watch the night view

95. Meet with each other’s parents together

96. Pick out rings together

97. Choose a wedding dress together

98. Add on something new for home together

99. Looking forward to have a happy life with each other in the future

100. Always say “I love you” without hesitation to each other at anytime and anywhere

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