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Top 5 Trendy Chinese Groom’s Shoes

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The groom must also try his best to stand out on the wedding day in addition to the bride paying special care to her overall look. As a wedding represents the joining of two souls, not just one, grooms should not take it for granted and overlook the small elements, particularly the shoes. Hence, we came out with a list of top 5 trendy Chinese groom’s shoes for you to choose the shoe that best suits you.


Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The design of the wingtips Oxford shoes are elegant and simple to match with any outfit.

The groom’s entire appearance is enhanced by the wing tip’s design, which also gives his outfit a finished and stylistic appearance.

Dress Boot

Source: eBay
Source: eBay

For the grooms who prefer to deviate from standard daytime formal attire for their wedding, this option is fantastic.

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It is hard for anyone to just throw on a pair of dress boots to look smart yet not too casual for his wedding, thus this style not only makes the groom stand out but also reveals his personality.

Monk Strap

Source: eBay
Source: eBay PH

This footwear is suitable for the grooms who dislike tying laces with the design of single or double strapped on it.

The Monk Strap might draw attention because of its rarity and use at weddings. Additionally, this shoe is extremely versatile.


Source: Lazada
Source: Lazada

This shoe, also referred as Bluchers, are most frequently worn by males, even for their wedding.

For individuals who do not want to be overly spectacular on their wedding day, its simplicity is ideal.

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If a groom is unsure of what kind of shoe to wear, this shoe will be the safe option.


Source: Meesho
Source: eBay

Loafers are typically used in more casual settings since they are cosy and simple to put on.

However, Loafers are also one of the top 5 trendy Chinese groom’s shoes because a pair of penny loafers or patent leather shoes with a great stacked heel may definitely dress up the look that suits a groom.

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