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Tips for choosing a wedding ring based on your hand shape

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One ring will have different effects on different people with different hand shapes. Hence, it is better to choose the ring based on your hand shape by understanding what suits you the best. With this, we are giving the tips for choosing a wedding ring based on your hand shape. There are six common types of hand shape, we will explain about the features of each hand shape and recommend the ring style that is best suited.

Meaty Hands 肉肉手

Normally, a meaty hand will be known as ‘Wealthy Hand’ which means the person with a meaty hand will be very rich. A meaty hand’s overall shape is square, and the sensuality is more obvious. Besides that, from top to bottom, the fingers are nearly the same thickness. People with this hand shape should avoid too-thin rings and choose rings with volume and softness instead.

Stubby Hands 短粗手

Short and fleshy fingers are the characteristics of stubby hands. For the purpose of enhancing your temperament, it is better to choose for streamlined, twisted arm, or pear-shaped ring styles.

Cone Hand 圆锥手

The finger for this kind of hand shape would get thinner and thinner from bottom to top. A wide, circular ring would be ideal for the people who possess this kind of hand shape that could optically soften the appearance of fingers that are thin and pointed.

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Knuckle Hand 骨节手

The joints of the hand are more noticeable, the fingers are thinner, and there is no fleshy feeling. This kind of hand shape should select the ring styles that are curved, wavy, or U-shaped.

Slender Hands 修长手

Slender hands have fingers that are longer than others but the overall shape of this hand is good-looking. This type of hand shape is suitable with a ring style that has a stronger sense of design, which will help to look more distinctive and elegant. Additionally, this hand shape also suits the wide rings.

Shapely Hands 匀称手

This is a very standard and good-looking hand shape in which all the fingers are neither fat nor thin as well as moderate in length. Choosing ring based on hand shape would not be a problem for the person who have this hand shape because this is an ideal hand shape in which it looks good with any ring style.

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