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Things That You Should Know About Bed Setting (安床)

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Since the succession is important in Chinese culture, there have been some rituals before. During and after weddings in order to wish the newlyweds to have more children. Here, we will explain about the things that you should know about bed setting. But bear in mind that there will be some differences among different dialect groups. Hence, it is important to discuss with your family before the ceremony.

What is bed setting?

Things That You Should Know About Bed Setting (安床)
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Bed setting is usually held on the day before the wedding, or on the morning of the wedding day. It is a ‘good luck man’ from the female elders who helps the couple decorate the matrimonial bed. It helps to wish the newlyweds to have a harmonious marriage, have children quickly and also have many children and grandchildren in the future.

What to prepare for bed setting?

Things That You Should Know About Bed Setting (安床)
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  • A new set of bed sheets, normally in red colour
  • Antique Chinese coins
  • A packet (each) of red dates, peanuts, longans, lotus seeds, sweets
  • 2 packets of mixed beans (five different varieties) including: red, green, soy, black and white beans
  • 2 mandarin oranges
  • Descendants ruler
  • Miniature money bucket pail
  • Bed Setting red packet

Take note that different regions or dialect groups would have different customs, thus, it is better to discuss with your family. Besides that, if it is affordable, purchasing a new bed would be even better but the old one is still acceptable.

What is the procedure of bed setting?

Things That You Should Know About Bed Setting (安床)
Source: 婚礼纪
  1. Before the bed setting ceremony starts, the marriage room must be cleaned properly.
  2. Set the bed with new bed sheets and pillow cases.
  3. Insert antique coins top facing into the red packets. After that, place a red packet at each corner of the mattress and under each pillow, at the same time, saying blessings.
  4. The remaining items that are prepared, which are recognised as ‘lucky items’ will be put on the middle of bed in a wedding tray.
  5. Children will be invited to jump and roll on the bed to bless the couple with fertility. The couple will be more fertile the more kids there are at the installation ceremony.

What are the taboos after the installation of bed settings?

Besides the items and the procedure, the other things that you should know about bed setting are the taboos:

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  1. Any adults are not allowed to touch, sit, or rest on the bed.
  2. The bride should not lie on the bed before the wedding because it is thought that doing so will harm her health.
  3. The first four months after a wedding should not be leaving one side of the bed unoccupied because it will represent the death of one of the newlyweds. If the couple leaves for their honeymoon right away after the wedding day, the bride’s or groom’s parents can stay in the space, or the clothes of the couple can be put on the bed to represent their presence.

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