Complete Wedding Preparation from A to Z

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Wedding preparation is not an easy matter. There are many things that need to be taken care of and done before the wedding ceremony.

Emotions can be a roller coaster during this time, especially for brides-to-be. When the mistake suddenly happened, some become bridezillas from the beginning preparing for the wedding before the wedding. Oh no!

There are various things that must be researched and prepared, from the smallest of hand flower decorations to the largest matters of marriage forms. If something is overlooked, it may spoil the wedding program of the bride and groom’s dreams.

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To avoid various unwanted incidents during the happy day, you need a complete wedding checklist. Well, we have prepared a wedding checklist that you can use before the wedding. Later, you won’t have a headache thinking about what needs to be done.

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12 months before the wedding ceremony, there are some things you need to do first for wedding preparations.

1. Identify the location of the WEDDING

Identify the location for the wedding ceremony, the bride’s party and the groom’s party. Choose the location of the ceremony according to budget and comfort, for example at home, mosque, multipurpose hall or hotel.

If you plan to have a function in a multipurpose hall or hotel, do a survey, make a reservation and manage the deposit payment immediately.

This is important if your ceremony falls on hot dates such as school holidays or the end of the year. At this time, surely many will hold a wedding ceremony.

2. Set the Wedding Theme

Even though the ceremony is still late, you should have an idea for the theme of your ceremony. Once you know what theme you want, it’s easier to choose the wedding dress, delivery decorations, canopy colors, doorgifts and pelamin.

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At this time you should already have some idea of ​​the wedding dress that will be the choice for the wedding later. Kebaya, modern baju kurung, dress or gown for brides. For the groom, either a modern Malay suit or a suit.

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3. Attend Bridal Exhibitions and Expo

You and your partner can already start attending exhibitions or bridal expos to get ideas for the ceremony. At the same time, you can get information and survey your chosen vendor to get the best package.

Usually, in a wedding expo, you can get vendor information such as:

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  • Wedding Attire
  • Pelamin
  • Canopy
  • Venue
  • Bridal
  • Make Up Artist
  • Photographer | Videographer
  • Catering


9 months before the wedding, you can’t delay anymore. There are still many things to do in preparation for your wedding ceremony.

1. Attend The Food Sampling Ceremony

One of the most important things during your wedding ceremony is the delicious food to be served to the guests present. It is important for you to try the menus provided by the catering before agreeing to take their services.

2. Make Deposit Payments For Vendors

After visiting various wedding expos and surveying various packages online, you should be able to choose the vendors for your wedding ceremony.

You should also have started making reservations and paying deposits to these vendors to lock the date of your ceremony.

3. Order Wedding Dresses and Family Theme Dresses

You can also start ordering wedding and theme shirts for the family. The theme of the ceremony has been decided, the colors have been chosen. Now just buy the fabric, measure your body and place your wedding dress and family theme dress.


6 months before the wedding, you need to move fast. The ceremony is getting closer. But don’t panic. Focus and manage a few important things first.

1. Attend a Marriage Course

If you have not yet attended a marriage course, now is the best time. Spend your weekend together with your partner for 2 days to attend a marriage course.

The marriage course is not just for getting a certificate. It is even important for you to understand the responsibilities of husband and wife in the family, what should and should not be done in marriage as well as the rights in the event of any divorce.

2. Do HIV And Thalassemia Test

Important! Yes, HIV test and Thalassemia test are important for couples who want to get married. Both of these tests are important so that you and your partner can plan a healthy family and offspring.

3. Plan and Buy Shipment Items

Before buying consignment items, make a list of what items you want to make as a consignment first. Non-food items can be purchased at this time.

Make sure that the decoration items for the delivery arrangement are purchased once if you plan to arrange the delivery yourself. If you plan to use the delivery service, don’t forget to make a reservation now.


3 months before the ceremony is quite a limited time. Time is running out. You need to make sure that most of the important preparations have been completed.

1. Prepare Important Forms And Documents

3 months before the ceremony, you need to apply and get permission to marry through the respective District Islamic Religious Office. You also need to prepare certain documents as early as possible such as:

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Marriage application form
  • Marriage application witness form
  • Single certificate
  • HIV and thalassemia test report
  • Outside area marriage form
  • Marriage course certificate
  • Marriage certificate of bride’s parents
  • Residence letter

You also need to identify the wedding planner, guardian and witness for your ceremony later. Ensure the presence of all of them, especially the marriage counselor, so that it is easier for them to manage their respective schedules and not forget your wedding date.

When there is no TOK KADI, you will not get married!

2. Order Invitation Cards, Bunting And Doorgift

Before ordering invitation cards, you need to know the number of guests you want to invite. Make sure before printing, the name, date, address and house map are correct. Book a bunting and directions so that it is easy for guests to find the ceremony venue.

Now is the perfect time for you to book a door gift for your guests. If you plan to DIY your own doorgifts, you can already start buying decorative items such as bags or ribbons.

You can see the wedding card package, doorgifts and event accessories here.

3. Buy Rings And Jewelery

Take time together with your partner to choose and buy your wedding rings. Wear jewelery if you want to hold a ceremony to cancel the prayer water.


1 month before the ceremony, you will felt nervous. What else needs to be done?

1. Send Invitation Cards

A month before the ceremony, you can start sending invitation cards to relatives and close friends.

2. Book Accommodation For The Groom’s Family

If the groom’s family comes from far away, don’t forget to provide a comfortable place to stay for them.

If possible, try to find a nearby hotel or homestay. It is easier for the groom’s entourage to move to the location of the ceremony.


2 weeks before the ceremony, it can be panic. But don’t worry, you can do it!

1. Self Care

A month before the ceremony, you can relax yourself by going to the spa for a body massage. Tired of preparing for almost a year, now is the time to give yourself a reward.

For the groom, you can prepare yourself with a haircut, facial and spa as well. Don’t think spas are only for women. Men can also pamper themselves with face and body treatments at the spa.

2. Follow Up With Vendors

This is the last time you will follow up with the vendor of your choice. In order not to appear too urgent, you can say hello and inform the vendor about the progress of your event.


Wow, You’re getting married tomorrow! Nervous? That’s for sure. But there are still some preparations that you need to take care of.

1. Wedding Dress Preparation

The day before the wedding, you can get ready with your wedding dress. Iron the wedding dress carefully. Don’t let it burn.

Prepare directly with accessories such as shawls or veils, tiaras, necklaces, brooches, shoes and hand flowers next to the wedding dress. For the groom, don’t forget the sides, songkok or tanjak.

2. Henna on your wedding day

For brides, the day before the ceremony is the best time to wear henna on the fingers. While wearing henna, you can relax your body as well.

3. Make sure the vendor is present and delivers

Make sure the canopy, tables, chairs, PA system and dais are ready at your event. If there are vendors who still haven’t come, remind them of your event date.

Arrange the doorgift in a place that is easy to take. Make sure the direction markers and bunting have been installed in the appropriate places. If there is a photobooth and guestbook, place them in a suitable place and do not disturb the path.

4. Divide Tasks To Family Members And Go To Bed Early

Tomorrow is the day you become king/queen for a day. Delegate other tasks to family members. They will definitely do their best to make your happy day look festive.

All the preparations have been perfect. Get enough rest so that you look fresh and fit for tomorrow.

Ceremony Day

Wow! Finally the day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Uh, is there anything else to do before marriage?

1. Have Breakfast

It’s going to be a long day! Don’t skip breakfast so that you stay energized and lively throughout the day.

2. Calm down

Keep calm especially the groom. You have a huge responsibility starting when you accept the marriage contract.

3. Be Prepared and Come Early

Prepare as early as possible. Make sure your clothes are complete, ID is with you and your phone is given to the person in bridesmaid.

Try to move to the ceremony location half an hour early. In the chaos of a large group, it must take time to move to the location of the ceremony.

The moment you and your partner dream of, will arrive soon. Happy new life to all brides-to-be. Make your wedding preparations a joy instead of a hassle.

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